Sutter Delta Physician and Nurse Deliver Two Generations of Pioneers

Posted on May 11, 2017

Two generations delivered by the same team. Amy Aris, RN and Dr. Scott Wada (top) delivered Laura Foster’s daughter Kayla and Kayla’s daughter Madison

Sutter Delta Labor and Delivery nurse Amy Aris never expected to retire and end her 42-year nursing career this way.

Twenty-seven years ago, she and Dr. Scott Wada helped deliver the daughter of their colleague, Sutter Delta lead phlebotomist Laura Foster.  That baby, named Kayla, grew up, graduated college and got married, and chose to start a family herself.

Perhaps you can guess what comes next.  Kayla, now all grown up, decided to have her baby delivered at Sutter Delta, where her mom had had her children and still worked, 39 years later.  But wouldn’t you know it – the team that was there when Kayla was ready to give birth was none other than . . . Dr. Wada and Amy Aris.  They delivered a healthy baby girl, named Madison Evelyn.

“In a million years, I couldn’t have anticipated delivering the baby of a baby I helped deliver 27 years ago – let alone with the same doctor I did it with and of the daughter of a colleague,” said Amy.  “It gives new meaning to the term ‘cycle of life’!’”

“To have two generations delivered by the same team is really pretty remarkable, made more so by the fact that the grandmother is also an employee and a co-worker,” said Dori Stevens, Sutter Delta ‘s CEO.  “We pride ourselves on having longtime, dedicated physicians, nurses and staff at our hospital, and this shows just how much of a ‘family’ we are.”

“How wonderful for Amy to have this experience as she gets ready to retire from her outstanding career at Sutter Delta Medical Center,” added Dori. “Thank you, Amy, for all you have done for the new mothers in this community.  A big thank-you for your mentoring and knowledge-sharing for many of our new Labor and Delivery nurses.  That is a huge gift that you have bestowed on many.”

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