East Bay’s First Robotic Exoskeleton Helps Rehab Patients

Posted on Dec 4, 2015

Ekso-pic sliderThe acute rehabilitation program at Alta Bates Summit now offers robotic exoskeleton therapy to help survivors of stroke, spinal cord injury and other forms of lower extremity weakness to walk again.

Patented by Ekso Bionics – based in Richmond – the Ekso GT body suit adjusts continuously to support a patient’s every step. It offers new hope for greater independence and a better quality of life for a broad range of people with limited mobility due to injuries or illnesses.

“One of the reasons we are in the top 2 percent of hospitals in the nation is the ability to offer therapies and equipment such as the Ekso GT to help our patients regain their mobility and improve their activities of daily living,” said Hussam El-Gohary, M.D., medical director of Alta Bates Summit’s rehabilitation program.Ekso pic 2

The Ekso GT has changed the course of recovery in gait training and neuro-rehabilitation by enhancing the patient’s own motion and increasing therapists’ ability to help in rehabilitation. Exoskeleton therapy helps patients take more steps and walk more naturally. Patients also show significant improvement in overall health, mood, energy levels and engagement.

“Our focus is on our patients and remaining in the forefront,” says Chuck Prosper, Alta Bates Summit CEO and former physical therapist. “Thanks to this investment by Sutter Health’s East Bay philanthropic foundation, Better Health East Bay, we’re proud to be among the first in the Bay Area and one of only six hospitals in the state to offer this therapy.”

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