Sutter Delta Staff Making an Impact Abroad

Posted on Aug 3, 2015

Thanks to current and former Sutter Delta associates who recently traveled to the Philippines with Holy Rosary International Medical Missions based in Antioch:

  • Liberacion Albinda
  • Fe Albinda, RN
  • Andrew Prieto
  • Pacita Aducayen
  • Aileen Hayes, RN.

These volunteers were part of a team that incorporated dentists, local health care workers and a vision care program. Over 11 days, the team saw 3,021 medical patients, extracted 2,145 teeth and distributed 607 pairs of reading glasses. Local ophthalmologists joined the team for two days and will be scheduling surgical clinics for patients identified during the mission.

The team brought approximately $470,000 in medications and supplies with them. Unused supplies were donated to a local clinic in one town and a clinic run by the Dominican Sisters in Iloilo.

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