Sutter Delta Goes Live With EMIM Technology

Posted on Jul 14, 2014

Delta EMIM FlyerSutter Health is introducing advanced technology in medical imaging, and Delta was the first in the East Bay Region to move to Enterprise Medical Imaging Management (EMIM) technology.

What is EMIM?

It is a technology that provides a single platform for clinical and diagnostic viewing throughout the Sutter Health System. EMIM should seamlessly link medical images to our EHR, providing universal access to all Sutter Health images associated with a patient’s medical records.


How Does EMIM Technology Help Patients and Sutter Delta employees and physicians?

EMIM is intergraded with EPIC, so employees will no longer have to use the PACS system.

This platform should enhance collaboration for patient care in the region and throughout the Sutter Health system, as patients’ studies will be accessible at all Sutter facilities through this technology. This platform should also reduce costs and radiation exposure to our patients because physicians will not have to order repeated studies.

EMIM technology gives physicians access to patients’ images anytime, anywhere, via an easy to use web-based platform from physician offices and mobile devices. A physician can view images using their own computer or mobile device through a  single sign.

If you would like to learn more about EMIM or have any questions, please contact Anna Balsley, medical imaging manager at or Caryn Mahoney, physician liaison, at

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