Babies Born at Sutter Delta Medical Center to Receive International Attention

Posted on Oct 15, 2013

Two French journalists smile for a photograph at the Sutter Delta Medical Center's Women's Health CenterFor the next five weeks, two French journalists from Pernel Media will be partnering with staff and physicians from Sutter Delta’s Women’s Health Center to film a French documentary called “Born Around the World.”

Emelie Porry, one of the French journalists, says a baby is born every four seconds around the world, and the documentary will explore the similarities and differences surrounding the miracle of childbirth in four different continents around the world.

India, Africa, France and Antioch, California, will represent the United States for this documentary set to air in France during the summer of 2014.

“Some people may be wondering why the film crew chose Sutter Delta as the U.S. location,” says Angela Lombardi, hospital spokeswoman. “The film crew said they partnered with a representative at HealthGrades, who provided them with a list of U.S. locations that HealthGrades recognized as one of the nation’s best maternity wards, and Sutter Delta was contacted.”

During their five weeks at Sutter Delta, they will be working very closely with OBGYNs and labor and delivery nurses to film at least 10 different vignettes capturing American culture on how expecting parents, extended  families and caregivers work interdependently together in the miracle of birth.

So if you see them in the hallways, please give them a warm Sutter Delta smile, as all the journalists have stated overwhelmingly that our staff is one of the friendliest they have met in their recent travels.

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